VR Marketing

VR Marketing is marketing based on Virtual Reality content, such as a video, an animation or an interactive presentation. It is one of the most modern and perhaps one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. VR has the power to put the viewer in any place.

Why use VR Marketing ?

Virtual Reality can be a very powerful marketing tool. One of the main reasons for this is that with VR Marketing you can create more engagement and awareness with the recipient than with recipients of traditional media. This has three causes.

Virtual Reality is new and innovative, which of course benefits the marketer. There is an immediate curiosity in the receiver when a message is presented in VR form.

Virtual Reality is Cool!

When wearing VR glasses you really feel like you are in another world. There is hardly any distraction from outside, so the receiver pays more attention to the message.

Virtual Reality brings you to another world

Because the message is viewed in 3D, the intensity is higher than with traditional media. As a result, it rather evokes emotion in the viewer and this (indirectly) influences his or her (purchasing) behaviour. VR experiences are also remembered better than traditional media.

Virtual Reality experiences evoke intense emotions

360 Degree Animation

With 360 degree animation, an image is generated in which the viewer can look around completely without disturbing elements in the picture. This form of VR Marketing is ideal for VR glasses, because it uses a 3D display as standard. For example, 360 degree animation is often used for product presentations at trade fairs and events.

360 Degrees Animation

360 Degree Video

360 degree video has many similarities with a 360 degree animation, with the big difference that real locations, objects and people come into the picture. This form of VR Marketing is often used in tourism, for example, to show countries or cities up close.

360 Degrees Video

3D Product Visualization

With 3D product visualization you can make a product immediately visible or tangible. For example, with the use of VR glasses, custom kitchens can be furnished or car dealers can show the latest models of cars to the customer.

3D Product Visualization

Interactive Presentations

In VR marketing, interaction is a good method to increase the involvement of the potential customer. By using VR controllers, the user can manipulate the virtual environment. Examples are a 3D model of a car, the doors of which can be opened on command, or taking a virtual walk through a holiday home.

Interactive Presentations

VR Gaming

A game based on virtual reality can be a very effective form of marketing. Consider, for example, a trade fair presentation where visitors can play a VR game that is displayed on a large screen. This can be a huge draw and can also easily collect contact information from potential customers.

Virtual Reality Gaming

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